Who Would Benefit from Teaching this Course?

1. Wellness Advocates who want a fun new class topic to teach that will get more than one or two people attending class

2. Wellness Advocates who want a topic that can reach other wellness practitioners as potential business partners

3. Health coaches who want to help clients energetically address physical ailments

4. Massage therapists who want to use essential oils in their sessions with more intention as a way to also set their massage therapy sessions apart

5. Reiki practitioners who want to help clients maintain balance between sessions better

6. Health practitioners who want to add an additional revenue stream to their business model

What You Receive

1. Unbranded handouts to teach a course on How to Balance Your Chakras with Essential Oils

2. A license to teach the course in person or online

3. Course Handouts Include:

  • Introduction to Course / Course Outline
  • Health and FDA Disclaimers
  • What Chakras Are and Why They Become Imbalanced
  • Why You Should Use Essential Oils
  • Why the Purity of Your Oils Matters
  • A Balance Scorecard for Students to Rate How Balanced Their Chakras Are
  • Physical and Emotional Signs of Imbalanced Chakras
  • How to Ground Your Energy
  • The Science Behind Why We Visualize Colors and Thank Each Oil
  • A Step-By-Step on How to Balance Each Chakra with Essential Oils
  • Three Ways to Protect Your Energy
  • Three Types of People Explanation
  • Chakra Balancing Essential Oil Bundle Order Form


Purchase the unbranded course handouts today, and receive the following educational material to help with customer retention and product adoption.

  • Ditch & Switch Product Guide - Unbranded ($129 value)
  • Loyalty Rewards Guide - Unbranded ($49 value)
  • Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils Meditation Script So You Can Record Your Own and Share it with Your Customers ($79 value)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The license to teach the course is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Non-Exclusive Copyright License Terms & Conditions (the "Terms") located here: https://thenaturalblonde.teachable.com/p/license-terms-and-conditions

By purchasing this download, you expressly agree to the Terms, and a current copy will be included in the digital download file. The Terms are subject to change with 30 days written notice by Licensor to Licensee.

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