Are you Struggling with any of these?

1. Ongoing mental, emotional, or physical symptoms that don't improve despite efforts

2. Releasing energetic blockages that might be keeping you stuck in your business or personal life

3. Aligning with higher vibrational energies and attracting more abundance into your life

4. Activating the parasympathetic nervous system to reduce the stress response

5. Calming anxious feelings

6. Balancing out mood swings or feelings of anger, sadness, or apathy

7. Releasing negative emotions and trauma stuck in the body

8. Mystery ailments that can't be explained by doctor's labs

9. Maintaining alignment and energetic flow after energy healing sessions

What You'll Learn in This Course

  1. Why Balancing Your Chakras is Important to Your Health
  2. How Your Chakras Become Imbalanced
  3. What Each Chakra Governs
  4. How to Tell When Each Chakra is Out of Balance - What Symptoms to Look For
  5. How Essential Oils Work to Balance Your Energy
  6. How to Ground Your Energy
  7. How to Balance Your Energy with Essential Oils - What Oils to Use & How to Use Them
  8. How to Protect Your Energy

Interested in teaching others how to balance their chakras with essential oils? Check out the link below to license these course materials and get unbranded teaching handouts to teach a class that everyone wants to come to.

Why Balancing Your Chakras is Vital

Our bodies have an energetic circulatory system similar to the cardiovascular system that carries blood through our bodies. Many factors in our day-to-day lives can disrupt the flow of energy, lowering our vibrational frequency, causing disharmony in the body, and resulting in disease and illness.

Like a musical instrument, we can tune our frequencies to keep our body systems in balance and harmony. When our energy centers are balanced, our mind, body, and spirit all work together seamlessly. When this happens, we experience feelings of alignment and good health.

This class teaches you how to tune your frequencies with the high-vibrational power of essential oils.

Enroll today and learn easy to implement ways to keep your energy balanced every day and from the comfort of your own home or wherever you might be.

Roxanne W.

Lisa’s Essential Oil Class on How To Balance Your Chakras is chocked full of useful information. Most people aren’t aware of what chakras are, how oils can help align them, & why that’s important for their overall health & Lisa is able to explain all of it in a very digestible way that leaves you feeling a lot more capable than you were before. 

Chris C.

After taking Lisa's class, I introduced my granddaughter to balancing her chakras with oils last week. This week she asked to do it again. Saying it made her feel really good. She's 10. Love it!!

Brandi T.

Even if you’re like me & you know what the chakras are ~ discovering the different oils that help bring them back into balance gave me a whole new layer of knowledge I’d been missing. You’ll have to attend the class to find out which oil can balance all of the chakras ~ such a kingly oil. I know most of us even the holistic ones like a quick fix on the occasion & essential oils can provide that, all you need is some guidance which Lisa gladly offers. With a decade of experience & accrued oily wisdom, she is top-notch at educating everyone who is interested in learning. I hope that you find as much value in this class as I did!

Course Curriculum

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  Module 1: Why Balancing Your Chakras is Important
Available in days
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  Module 2: What to Look For - Physical & Emotional Symptoms of an Imbalance
Available in days
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  Module 3: Using Essential Oils
Available in days
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  Module 4: How to Ground Your Energy
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  Module 5: How to Balance Your Chakras
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days after you enroll
  Module 6: How to Protect Your Energy
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  Module 7: Next Steps
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Hi! I'm Lisa (aka The Natural Blonde)

I am a certified Reiki Master, Sound Healer, and Essential Oil Coach. My mission is to empower people to take back their lives by healing their energetic bodies.

After decades of constantly feeling sick, I was able to heal my own body by cleansing, protecting, and balancing my energy with the healing energy of plant medicine. My passion is helping others do the same. I have been teaching people how to use essential oils and supplements to heal their physical and energetic bodies for the last eight years, and I’m so excited to help you get started with this unique healing modality!